Do you want to make your dreams come true and start studying in a European Union country?

We will help you in the admission process, completing documents for the selected university and also help upon arrival in Poland.

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Package «SAFETY 275E»

VIP 1000E

Package «VIP 1000E»


Package «STANDARD 550E»


Package «PROXY MED»

Package comparison

Services Safety Pack: 275 EUR  Standard: 550 EUR  Proxy Med: 550 EUR VIP:1000 EUR
Assistance in choosing a city, university, faculty, and specialization by the individual requirements and possibilities of the candidate V V V
Consultations during the recruitment process at the selected university/ V V V
Support in preparation of the required documents by the requirements of the Ministry of National Education and the selected university V V V
Preparing a list of required documents needed to be taken to Poland V V V
Electronic candidate registration V V V
Notarized translation of documents (diploma and full transcript for each year of studies) V
Settlement of formalities related to the enrolment of a candidate to a selected university V V V
Representing the interests of candidates in the enrolment process V V V
Providing the details for entrance exam V V
Obtaining the admission decision and delivering it to the student V V V
Consultation and information student support in the visa process V V V
Providing a package of useful information which include important telephone numbers, addresses, city map, access routes to the university, contact to the Eurostudent central office in Warsaw V V V V
Recognition of documents at the Board of Education (translations not included)/ V V
Pick-up service, accommodation at the destination (date and time arrange with us in advance – at least 3 working days before arrival) V V
Organization and support during the first visit to the University V V
Communication with landlord and accommodation support V V
Help in opening a bank account (optional) V V V
Assistance in the purchasing and registration of a SIM card (optional) V V V
24/7 hotline – emergency assistance (1 year) V V V
Acquaintance with the city and the most important places (university, nearby shops, exchange office, etc.) V V
Familiarization with the rules of using public transport (assistance in the purchase of one-way tickets or registration of a monthly travel document) V V
Consultations and assistance in the further legalization in Poland (providing information about obtaining a temporary residence card or another visa) V V
Advice and assistance in drawing up a state insurance policy and signing a contract with the National Health Fund V V
Support from the Polish office (coordination of the first months of stay, if necessary, help in solving problems during the entire study period) V

Additional services

  • Consultation and recognition/confirmation of educational documents – 100 EUR – 1 person
  • Translations – 20-50 EUR – 1 page*
  • Recognition and Translation – package – 400 EUR – 1 person
  • The pick-up. The price will be calculated individually if the customer comes to a city other than the final destination. – 75 EUR – 1 person**
  • Arrival package (pick-up; help with sim card registration, bank account, health insurance agreement) – 150 EUR – 1 person
  • Submission of documents for the next field of study – 50 EUR – 1 program
  • Accommodation – 100 EUR – 1 person
  • Residance card – 550 EUR – 1 person

*depending on original language of the documents
** for group arrivals the price can be reduced
***from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. fixed price, from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., i.e. „night hours” to be agreed starting from EUR 100 per person