About us

EUROSTUDENT – worldwide education

EUROSTUDENT International Education Company is an official representative and a partner of Polish universities. We also have many international partners around the world. Our experience and reputation helps our clients get a quality and perspective education in Poland.

Our mission – Cooperating people

The main purpose of the Eurostudent is the development of international education, the formation of modern high-quality information and applied services for applicants and schoolchildren from all over the world. Eurostudent was established in 2010, the head office is located in Warsaw.

We will help you choose the right university that will best meet the knowledge, expectations and financial capabilities of the Candidate. Eurostudent is also obliged to provide timely and high-quality services in preparation for the admission of a client to university studies in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

What is important to us?

Our priorities are: professionalism, people and the highest
quality of cooperation. Modern European education is not limited
to summaries, sessions, and classrooms. Modern education in Europe is a world of completely new conditions, aspirations and opportunities. Using our knowledge and experience, we help school graduates become European students.

Higher education in Poland has a history dating back nearly 800 years, and the country is home to over 400 institutions – many of which now also offer study programmes in English.

How we are working

The directions of activity and development of the Program structurally represent a number of projects and system subprograms, namely:

Higher education in Poland

Secondary education

Educational tourism

Patronage: supervision and guardianship

Summer and winter schools

Educational congresses

Presentations and exhibitions

Multilingual courses

Experience and Innovation

The program went through a difficult path of formation: the selection of professional employees, analysis and elimination of errors, optimization of projects – over several years of activity, we managed to find the right, modern and competitive model. Its basis is the use of our own experience and constant internal and external modernization, so that our services are of high quality and provide maximum assistance for our students.

Formality of work

The EUROSTUDENT ™ program is an official partner and representative of more than 40 universities in Poland. In addition to universities with which we have signed agreements, we can submit your documents to any university of your choice in Poland. We work absolutely legally, as a company which is registered in Poland.

Individual approach

We work individually with each Candidate. In our representative offices in Ukraine and abroad work highly qualified specialists with extensive experience. They will help you choose the right University that will best meet the knowledge, expectations and financial capabilities of the Candidate.


We will provide complete information about the educational process, student life, teach rational living in Europe. We facilitate the quickest and easiest way for students to enter the new environment.

Guardianship and escort

In Poland, all students during the first year of study can turn to us for help in a crisis situation, we are always happy to help and tell you how to correctly get out of any situation, due to the fact that we have an office in Warsaw – we can always help you quickly and efficiently during the first year of study.