The process of admission to universities in Poland

10 July 2020
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10 July 2020 Eurostudent

The process of admission to universities in Poland:

  • Choose a specialty that interests you.
  • Discuss your choice with one of our representative offices.
    If you are already confident in the specialty and the university where you will study, sign the contract.
  • Before admission process will start Candidate need to send all documents to our representatives and pay our services fee for the first part – documents preparation for admission:
        • Legalisation of documents in home country or apostile;
          Courier of original documents to Poland, translation of the documents to Polish language by sworn translator;
        • Nostrification/legalisation of documents in Polish Ministry (last step in confirmation of legality of educational documents) – if needed before admission process;
        • Sending documents to University admission office;
        • Receiving the original of acceptance letter and courier it for you.
  • During admission at the university, the candidate pays the registration fee for the consideration of his documents by the recruitment commission.
  • After receiving the Decision on admission to the university, the Client makes all the necessary payments to the university: entrance fee, tuition fee (required for opening a visa).
  • Representative of the Program provides information to the Client on visa issues: electronic registration of the application form, a package of documents for a visa, medical insurance, addresses and contacts of the consulate of the Republic of Poland;
  • Representation advises on student reservations in hostels/dormitories provided by universities;
  • At the same time, consultation is provided on registration of a stay in Poland, the opening of a Temporary Residence Card (Household Card);
  • In Poland, if it is necessary – students are greeted by Polish representatives of the EUROSTUDENT ™ Program: we helping with check-in to the dormitories, acquaintance with educational institutions, give consultations on obtaining a student ticket, buying a ticket, etc .;
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